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I've been around the Internet since late 2012. Even though I have used the Internet since when I was in Pre School & now I have my own Internet celebrity. Yea...
  1. MC - Red Hrts
    MC - Red Hrts
    Oct. 12,
    Date Time Stadium City
    6PM PDT
  2. MC - The Phone
    MC - The Phone
    Date Time Stadium City
    6PM PDT
  3. MC - The Deal
    MC - The Deal
    Date Time Stadium City
    6PM PDT
  4. AN - CI(3)
    AN - CI(3)
    Date Time Stadium City
    6PM PDT
OAM's Website is back!
It's been a year, since I discontinued my website as a social network, which it was weird to have a social media named after yourself. So I decided to re make my website, but as a regular website, no more social media website look anymore. To my fans whom remembered the day I've created my website as a social media started on December 28, 2014 as a video hosting service, it was created for my fans to upload their own videos & get rated & possible will be featured from 1st to 10th place as of any dated, it was going well but apparently, I've been focusing on progressing my animation, during late 2015 to early 2016. So then on July 1, 2016, I announced that I will be closing down my social media website. After, I've shut down my website I began progressing my animation & it made also gather fewer fans as well. Until September 9, 2017, I decided to bring back my website but as a regular website not a social media platform. Here, I can put updates & news, also schedule episodes & more. So yeah, that's all I got, so enjoy my website & don't forget to support. God bless! :)